A learning mission

The funds were never enough to sustain our movement, but this mission has become a part of my life now. [Click title or image for full story]

They dare to care

Far away from home, with pride, both continue to meet the demands of their profession, risk their lives to save many more. [Click title or image for full story]

A tale of two women

Even to this day, those in penury hover in and out of cities or even across cities in search of better opportunities and income. [Click title or image for full story]

On the road

Some nights I had a team of almost ten people and the others I would go alone, aware of the risk involved in this task [Click title or image for full story]

The second wave

Lockdown Voices returns after a month of nation-wide pandemonium, loss and grief. The second wave of the pandemic revealed as never before the unpreparedness, systemic gaps and failures across institutions. In addition, the mainstream media‚Äôs constant bombarding of disturbing figures on loss of lives, overwhelming tragic stories, topped with polarising politics, brewed anger, bitterness and... Continue Reading →

The songwriter within

... creating a song about this gave me a sort of closure and it was a very emotional and cathartic experience for me. [Click title or image for full story]

A day at a time

... will keep fear and anxiety for tomorrow at bay. It may even open our eyes and help us see the goodness and good work that is happening around us. [Click title or image to read the post]

A walk to remember

We have united in her love. Together, we cherish the treasure trove of memories that remain in the photographs she clicked. [Click title or image for full story]

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