Every drop counts

A post by Tina Basuroy, Delhi

Covid the word itself spells trouble and if you are a Thalassemic you are doomed. Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin. Thus, patients’ bodies do not have normal healthy red blood cells and need blood transfusions every fortnight. To put it in more common words we are like those cars who can go miles but with petrol.

As soon as the lockdown was declared people started running to hoard food, masks, sanitizers, even toilet papers…but how do you hoard blood? How do you keep stock of blood that you will need during lockdown? People can live few days without food but blood??

It was a dooms day for us. But we are minorities….people have hardly any awareness about us. Who cares’? We are living one day at a time. Hunting blood donors, arranging passes, making social media announcements and keeping our fingers crossed. Many of our warriors are in pain unable to manage blood. The number of posts are increasing on fb.

I was lucky enough to have my husband and cousin donate for me this time but what about next time. I have to conserve every drop now so that I can carry on for more than 14 days. I will be living one day at a time now.

3 thoughts on “Every drop counts

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  1. Hugs Tina… I know how beautiful you are… how positive. How you spread love and laughter everywhere. Do let me know dost if you need blood am a positive group….
    God bless, much love and hugs

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