Paint, dance, teddy, cooking – lockdown can be fun

Posted by Dhrov Tikoo (along with his Mom, Kalpana Singh Tikoo), Delhi

Hey that’s me Dhrov, I am 12 years old and I have autism. My Mom was scared how she will handle me during the lockdown due to corona pandemic. But it all worked out well. I am happy that Mom and Dad are there with me all the time. 

I love to play with Dad, we fight and have fun. I want to tell you what I do to keep myself busy. I help mom in cooking. I love to cut vegetables and watching recipes on YouTube with her. I also help to put clothes in washing machine and water the plants.

I spend lot of time playing with my yellow teddy bear and I do lots and lots of painting. When I feel I have too much energy, I play home cricket with Papa and do dance.

Oh and not to forget I do study also attend school classes on zoom do my homework and play educational games on iPad.

So staying at home is not all that bad as I get to do lots of painting which I love and also get to eat lot of good new things that Mom makes. So stay home stay safe.

Lots of love Dhrov (Written by my Momma for me)

5 thoughts on “Paint, dance, teddy, cooking – lockdown can be fun

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  1. I have seen Dhrov grow up from a little 3 year old toddler to a big boy and an amazing artist. You rock Dhrov…. salute his parents … 🙏

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  2. Love you Dhruv. You have grown tall Mashahallah. Enjoy your teddy and painting. No words for Kalpana and Ashutosh your efforts and belief in Dhruv and yourselves keeps you moving. Keep walking.

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