Whiff of fresh air

Posted by Kiran Kharb, Village Meham, District Rohtak, Haryana

It wasn’t very long back when everyone was entitled to their tiresome, super busy life. Having no time to take a sip of water even in a frenzy of thirst. And, it is quite sometime now, that the same people are seen wandering in the restricted boundaries of their houses; sitting on a chair either dozing or, thinking of what to do next to pass this monotonous, free period. Well, this is what lockdown has been for most of them. But, for me, it is something much more.

It was not even a week after my board exam were over, when the whole nation was locked down and everyone was asked to stay wherever they were. My family and I, had come over to my hometown in Haryana. It wouldn’t have made that great a difference to me though; but, you see, it’s not that easy to wear winter clothes in April, when the sun hits your head even before the clock strikes 9 in the morning.

Anyway, we’re struggling with this. And, indeed we have to. Life’s all about struggles only. But honestly, initially, lockdown did not make much difference to my life as we were anyway supposed to get some holidays after boards. Like, some 15 days or so. Although, it’s extension did. No matter how ruinous this whole disease has been to our economy but this sudden break has really been good.

Good, in the sense that people and families have come to stay together. I myself got enough time to ponder upon all the problems, all the difficulties that I had faced or was yet to face in life. The changing routine didn’t affect me much as things seem difficult when one is alone. But, since everyone is going through the same thing and the fact that my family is there to  support me during this period, still keeps me going with a smile.

Now, mornings have become more happier, filled with the soothing chirps of various birds sitting on the edge of balcony or terrace walls; and evenings much memorable and exciting – with narrations of old and new stories of fun, love, contentment, with a sense of togetherness. Afternoons have turned into times when the whole family sits together. And, undoubtedly, all this is what we need in today’s time.

Though not often, but I have visited the fields (sown by my family) twice and I just can’t explain how pleasant it was; the cool and calm climate, that familiar fragrance of ripening wheat and mustard which was ready for harvest; and that musical sound of several thousands of leaves from various trees fluttering in the slow, yet steady, wind. All so complete in itself.

Although, I really miss school. But I will also end up missing this time when it passes. When, again, everyone gets engrossed in their own lives. Indeed, I will never forget Corona. And, I am sure you too won’t!

PS: Interestingly, the lockdown has further sparked the creativity of my brother, Ajay. Happy to share a recording of his self-composed poem.

Kiran and Ajay – Excerpts from the documentary film When The Doors Open

Ajay and Kiran Kharb are visually impaired siblings. They study in St. Mary’s School Delhi. Kiran has been a house prefect in middle school and is a recipient of “Best Orator Award” in Mock United Nations. Ajay is a budding poet and musician and has his own YouTube Channel.

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