Diary of a LOCKEDown Mom – 3/3

Posted by Shalini Gupta, Bengaluru

Journal entry 15th April, 2020

Today was a Wednesday! A mid-week break that Gayatri asked for very clearly when we were fixing her online classes. Today, she does painting and other craft activities. Her paper mache pendant lamp was the first thing she created.

Since then, she has been dancing, singing to her favourite songs and creating art. If I had to share this with anyone who knew her even a few weeks back, they would not believe me. But the fact remains that she will close her room door and we can hear her humming along and painting on large canvases, exploring to her heart’s content.

Initially, the mess post art effort was huge!! It was like a storm had hit the room rocking all paint out of its bottles and tubes!! But gradually, she started allowing me inside her room. I explained ways in which she could control her strokes or blow art or pour art and leave her room cleaner after her art. And now she cleans the little droppings of paint after her art session, cleans her brushes and leaves her artwork to dry in a safe corner.

Gayatri’s photography is improving many fold too! Simple indoor photography, macro photography of household objects is drawing itself closer to her heart, more than before. May she continue to explore and be happy. The only time I see Gayatri sad or low is when she misses her older sister who is unfortunately, stuck in the US. They communicate daily on WhatsApp, but she misses Didi and cannot understand why Didi couldn’t be home for this ‘viral lockdown’!!

From Gayatri’s collection – With Didi and Papa

A lot of parents are feeling the pressure of their children wasting their time or spending too much time in front of various screens or generally, feeling bored and frustrated. I am blessed to have a Gayatri who is blossoming in more ways than one, during this lockdown period. Corona Pyar Hai…


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