Emerging stronger

Posted by Viji Rajmohan, Bengaluru

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it”

– Eckhart Tolle

Every one of us in our lifetime, experience situations we cannot change. The lockdown being one of them. To us, the lockdown has been a time of family bonding, retrospection, refining goals, and acceptance in the face of a crisis. After the initial period of adjusting to the new situation, we have settled down to a predictable routine in which we seem to be getting comfy!

Ramam, my son, who is on the autistic spectrum has surprisingly adjusted well to his new routine. He starts his day with an exercise regimen with his father and that sets his tone for the day. We have a schedule for the day, although we do allow for changes in the schedule. We have broken his various activities into different sections as language, computer skills, online classes, household chores, health and fitness, art, cooking, leisure time. He doesn’t have to do everything every day, but that way he manages to involve himself in everything within the time frame of a week.

Ramam has surprised me by adapting well to the current situation. He has taken to the mask easily and is mindful of using the sanitizer. He seems to be taking in everything, the deserted streets, and the social distancing observed in the shop in our apartment. At the same time, he is looking forward to eating out and going on long drives when the lock down ends. He is just biding his time. 🙂

Ramam’s new skill “Mandala art” – Learnt through online classes

The lockdown has been an eye opener in knowing when the established systems of teaching cannot happen, alternate models can take their place. It has also bought out the best in people, and in gratitude to all those who have tried to reach out by conducting free webinars, art classes. The online art sessions have helped in relieving the monotony of the situation and making them an expressive, productive zone.

This has been a time to slow down and working towards making Ramam self-reliant. Thank you, Lockdown Voices for letting our voices be heard.

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