A lockdown report

Jan Madhyam Team, New Delhi shares the lockdown account of one of their beneficiaries, Sonu Maurya.

[Translated below]

Lockdown Report


  • It is tough to stay all day in a small crammed house with just a single room. It bothers me to do my office work here as I make quite a few mistakes and get scolded.
  • Owing to lockdown, costs of things have gone up. This troubles me.
  • With companies closing down, my father has lost his job. It is difficult to meet the expenses of the house. I am the only earning member and I get just Rs 12,000.
  • Both my parents are sick. A lot of money is spent in buying their medicines. Still there is no improvement in their health. Now, I can’t take them to a hospital for check-up.
  • Sitting at home all day, my back pains.


  • I have got adequate rest at home and spent a lot of time with my family.
  • I and my family feel very safe at home.
  • Till now, we are safe from COVID-19 pandemic.

(Sonu Maurya)

A self-made COVID-19 short film with Sonu himself in two roles

undefinedSonu Maurya, lives with his family, in a one-room dwelling in the shanties of Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi. Bright and feisty, this 20 year old,  has never let his severe physical disability come in his way. He works for Google, in Gurugram.

Cover image credit: Stock images

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