Kaleidoscope – II

We at Lockdown Voices are happy on completing 50 days of daily posts. We convey our gratitude to all our contributors and supporters. To mark this occasion, we are organising an online exhibition of art and innovative work created during the lockdown, by children and adults with special needs. Today we showcase the second part of this exhibition.

Alyx Albuquerque

New designs conceptualised during lockdown

Alyx continued with her venture Pumpkin Patch during the lockdown. She along with her inclusive team worked on the concept, design and printing of diverse products. Her mother, Liz has penned Alyx’s experience in our story, A new Ally.

Arshdeep Singh

Initial sketches in pencil and pen on paper

Colour elements added thereafter

Final sketch is digitally enhanced if needed

Arshdeep is a 19 years old gifted young man in the autism spectrum. He sketches, colours and digitally enhances his art work. His works have been part of exhibitions. He dreams to create his own animated sequel to the Star Wars series – “Space Galaxy Wars“. He also aspires to become a dubbing artist for animation films. Please take some time out to see this video and experience his talent.

Ashwin Joseph

Neck piece with a pendant
Letter holder

Ashwin has been very productive this lockdown. On the roller-coaster narrates his contribution to household chores and his new growing interest in beading and stitching.

Devika Pandey

A fun-filled video recipe to beat the heat

Devika, an artist, has taken to cooking and sharing her recipes as a lockdown passion. She plans to launch her YouTube cookery channel soon. She debuted with her “Roti-pizza” recipe in Keeping the faith.

Cover image: Wallhere
Exhibition images and videos: Contributors

Standard Disclaimer : The story contributors are responsible for all views and facts provided in their posts. Lockdown Voices and its editorial team is not accountable for the accuracy of the information posted.

3 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope – II

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  1. Brilliant work by all . Hope that these locked down voices get unlocked and heard by the community and the government and these deserving individuals get livelihood as we are talking about AATM-NIBHAR BHARAT.
    Conratulation to you Amrita Das Gupta for this hard work. You deserve a big applause.

    Liked by 2 people

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