The girl in the pink frock

Posted by Anurupa Roy, New Delhi

I met a little girl in a her best pink dress during a food drive in Delhi. I don’t know if she and her family reached home.

This film is made for her and the thousands of workers walking home from the big cities to their villages where they hoped to have enough to eat and a roof over their heads. The cities failed to give them any security during the pandemic .

The pandemic in India has only revealed the crisis that always existed. The crisis of security and poverty of the large “invisible” work force the cities of India depend on but don’t acknowledge or care for.

Anurupa Roy is a puppeteer, puppet theatre director and puppet designer. She is the founder and managing trustee of Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust.

Cover image: Author
Story video : Author

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  1. Anurupa… you are too good… like always…. But this one is special…. I loved Wizard of Oz and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too…. you take your audience to another world with your magical touch…. always a pleasure… but this one is too touching

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