Lockdown learnings

Posted by Vishu, New Delhi

My name is Vishu and I am 23 years old. I work in Aadhar Vocational Centre at Action for Autism as an Intern. My duties there are weaving, masala packing, stitching, helping the teachers of Open Door school to make schedules etc. I also take orders and make tea for the teachers and interns. This is my favourite activity. Everyone in the Centre likes my Tea. I travel to the centre independently in the Delhi Metro. I change 2 lines – the Yellow and Magenta lines. I enjoy Metro travel very much.

I celebrated my birthday on 13th March at the Centre. After 15th March the Centre was closed because of the Coronavirus problem. I was very sad. On the 24th of March, Mr. Narendra Modi announced nation-wide lockdown from 25th March. I was very stressed when I heard this on TV. But over the next few days my Mother helped me to cope up with my stress. I started preparing for my Mass Communication paper in NIOS Class 12 Examination.

I helped Mom to clean the house with vacuum cleaner which she had bought but never used. I washed utensils, hung out the clothes to dry and also made many dishes such as pizza, macaroni, burgers, pakoras etc. I also made tea for Mom, just like I used to make in the Centre. (pizza etc)

From 2nd April my Centre gave me a solution to my problem. We started online sessions with all the interns and team leaders. We did cooking, Yoga, Sensory sessions and discussions about different things. The most important thing we discussed was about needs and likes. I understood that needs are different from likes and that during lockdown needs are very important. I had all my needs, but not all my likes.

Many people like the poor people and migrant workers walking home do not get their needs. So I am grateful to God. Every evening my mother and I pray to God. We pray that the virus goes away and that all our family and friends be safe.

The wheel of “needs” and “likes”

On 31st May the Un-lockdown has started. Malls, religious places and domestic flights have opened. I am very excited about this. But I know that we must be very careful. We must wear masks, keep social distancing and wash hands for 20 seconds many times in the day. Hand sanitiser also is very useful.

During the lockdown I missed most of all the Team leaders and friends in my Centre. I missed my art classes every Saturday with my art teacher. I missed going out for walks, shopping and most of all meeting people and eating out. We celebrated Mom’s birthday online with her friends on 24th April.  We made a cake and her friends chatted online and sang happy birthday.

I enjoyed spending time with my mother. She is working from home these days. I also chat on WhatsApp video with all my friends and my big brother. He is in Canada and he misses us a lot. We miss him too. He was supposed to come home on 29th April but because of the lockdown he could not come. I hope he will come in December.

I am very concerned that COVID-19 cases are increasing. I watch the TV news very carefully and also see the news on internet. I hope that people take care of themselves and this disease gets over soon. I am looking forward to going back to the Centre and to my art classes. On Saturday 20th June, I had my first art class online. I enjoyed it very much.

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  1. Well done Vishu. All hv realised how important it is to keep life simple by concentrating on our needs and actually differentiating between needsxand wants.

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