Off school – I: Musings

With schools shut, the lockdown has redefined the learning and teaching systems. This series brings to you musings of students, parents and educators – all confined at home.


By ѕαмєєя ѕυиυ ∂αиιєℓ, 13 уяѕ

[Posted by Sameer Sunu Daniel, 13 years, Kochi, Kerala]

When the Coronavirus came to Kerala first, the rumours among my friends were extreme. The virus is a manifestation of God, an experiment for biological warfare and what not. The virus is just a virus. It’s just living like a normal organism. The virus attacked because that is what it was programmed to do. Why the fuss?

They say he’s from the market
They say he’s a mistake kept secret

They say he’s nothing to fret
They say he’s God, ready to bet

They say that he’s that and much more
But he’s just a virus, makes throat sore

Quiet a marvel it is. We found our way out of big calamities like droughts, floods and earthquakes. But this small and unlikely villain has swept the whole human race off normalcy. Though directly it only affects health, it does much more than that. If we were ants then nothing would be wrong. It’s because we are complex beings who have feelings. Quite a marvel.

Kings of the earth, wearing crowns
Smart, Building tech and towns

Along came a tiny virus, smaller than the thumb
Looked weaker than mouse, lighter than crumb

But lo! At home it has locked us!
Quickly with not a sign of fuss!!

How the lockdown looks

When the lockdown was announced the whole world was shaken. Suddenly all the busy people felt empty. The whole world, which was like a race, was suddenly shut down.

The whole world was in a race
Towards money it was a chase

But then the earth got locked
The races lost, shifted and rocked

Born newly is a sense of boredom
It’s like ones lost his dear freedom

The change was too rapid, some couldn’t survive. While some others, accepted this as the new normal. There are again some who don’t agree to this change but get caught in this stampede of attempt for return to normalcy.

Learning and working moved to screens
To the new norm the world heavily leans

For some helped themselves, some sought
Some had none to help and left to slowly rot

Some succumbed in this rapid change
So wide were the changes range

How the lockdown feels

The lockdown taught us the basic attributes that make a human humane. We learnt more and more about family and ourselves. Boredom pushed us to extreme levels of creativity.

The lockdown taught patience
The lockdown gave us resilience

The lockdown dusted old loves and likes
The lockdown pushed creativity to hikes

The lockdown brought back our roots
The lockdown was filled with bittersweet fruits

The End or Beginning?
The lockdown felt like the end of the world for many and a new beginning for some. After the annoying drizzle comes a splendid rainbow. The dark night always ends and then hope begins when the day comes along. The caterpillar feels like it’s going to die but it becomes the butterfly. Similarly, this might be just a little too spicy main course, the sweet dessert is probably coming.

A student’s life

Posted by Zaid Riyaz (15 years) with Saiqa Jan, Anantnag, Kashmir

As COVID-19 hit us with its deadly affects, the students were impacted the most. I am Zaid Riyaz, a class 9 student of Radiant Public School. After a long winter break and a shutdown here, I was very excited to be able to finally go back to school and meet my friends.

It was March. We had been to school for about 10 days and were happy and enjoying our time at school with friends and teachers. Suddenly, I got to hear the news of lockdown being imposed all over India due to Coronavirus.

Honestly speaking, I had no idea of how this lockdown was going to be for us. When our Prime Minister addressed the nation and said that schools, colleges and all other institutions were going to be suspended, it was all confusing. As the lockdown started and all of us were confined in our homes, things started to become very stressful and sad. I was not able to go to school or even meet my friends, neither was I able to go play with them, as everybody was scared of COVID-19 and it’s spread.

Then the Govt. introduced online classes and we were supposed to attend those. But the 2G internet services have proven to be a pain. Not only the students, but even teachers who were new to using technology, faced a lot of problems. Naughty students played online pranks. It might seem funny, but the reality is that we had already lost a lot of precious time and knowledge due to this lockdown. These online classes tend to dull our brain and we lose knowledge rather than gain.

The possibility of extension of the lockdown has us even more worried about our future. Online classes have just become mere distractions, There is no discipline, most of the students avoid and skip classes. Or if they attend, they play pranks. And to be honest, one hour of online class is not sufficient for us to acquire all the knowledge that we are supposed to gain. Plus the 2G internet service might be able to help us to some extent but it is not enough for us. The videos cannot be loaded in high quality making it impossible for us to read what is on screen. These glitches make the situation worse.

I miss my school’s disciplined study. I miss my friends. I miss my teachers. I miss those face to face conversations and classes. Sometimes, when I think about it, I get emotional and feel like crying because lockdown has put me in a lot of stress in every possible way.

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