A day at a time

Dear friends,

We pray for your safety and health in this difficult and stressful time.

Today, many of us keep hearing the siren of ambulances whizzing past every few minutes. What was once a far cry for a life-threatening emergency has become part of the soundscape of cities and towns.

Novel coronavirus with its new mutant strains is now more than ever impacting and intimidating our lives. Across the country, the media is constantly flashing alarming facts of new cases multiplying by the day, rising death toll, hospitals brimming with patients, health workers overburdened with work, medicines and testing kits running out and so on.

Life seems to have sunk into an abyss. But none-the-less we need to remain positive.

It may not be easy to see a rainbow in a sky overcast with dark clouds. In fact, it is quite an out-of-the-way effort with many of us taken ill ourselves along with our dear ones. Then, there are those who have donned the role of caregivers tending to their kith and kin even if it is through distant monitoring. Then also those grieving the loss of their loved ones. In spite of all these odds, there are situations and people that keep us going without dampening our spirit.

For now, we can accept that the virus has played havoc in our lives and affected every individual on this planet. This approach spares us from indulging in self-pity and helps us look at the world beyond ourselves. We are all in the same boat. And together, we will sail through, as all those in Noah’s Ark.

Our 100+ lockdown stories teach us to take each day as it unfolds, with its hamper of good and bad. Practicing the adage “live one day at a time” will keep tomorrow’s fear and anxiety at bay. It may even open our eyes and help us see the goodness and good work that is happening around us.

This is an epoch moment to re-affirm our faith in humanity. Physically, Lockdown Voices may not be able to stand beside those in need, but it is always there to support and share small or big wins that can inspire and bring hope.  

We continue to look forward to your stories. Please spread the word amongst your family and friends whose experiences you believe can make a positive difference to our readers.

Once again, stay safe!

With best wishes,

Team Lockdown Voices

Cover Image : Team LV

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