The second wave

Lockdown Voices returns after a month of nation-wide pandemonium, loss and grief. The second wave of the pandemic revealed as never before the unpreparedness, systemic gaps and failures across institutions. In addition, the mainstream media’s constant bombarding of disturbing figures on loss of lives, overwhelming tragic stories, topped with polarising politics, brewed anger, bitterness and fear in many a minds.

The common citizen’s personal experience of the pandemic has left millions in despair and disenchanted with the system. It has led to an unprecedented mental health crisis in the nation. A crisis that needs to be urgently addressed.

Lockdown Voices will continue to redeem its readers with hope and fortitude. It is all set to share stories of faith, goodness, compassion, generosity, gratitude and subsequent transformation. In the past month, there have been untold stories of strangers giving a helping hand to another without any ulterior motive, organisations extending free support without vested interest. The stories that will be shared in the days to come are instances of selfless work of humanity, for humanity.

These stories will not fill the empty void left after demise of a dear one or abate one’s anger, frustration, fear or pain. But it will surely heal and calm the mind by sharing the experiences portraying the goodness in the world in spite of all odds. The stories are forerunners to the evolution of a compassionate world grounded on faith and trust.

We at Lockdown Voices are largely reliant on stories that are individual as well as in organisational collaboration. The team looks forward to receiving inspiring stories from different corners of the country and across society. We will be grateful if you spread the word around and share with family, close friends and acquaintances for contribution. Thank you !

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