On 24th March 2020, the spread of Covid-19 in India led to a 21 days nationwide lockdown.  Since then, it has been further extended.

The lockdown is impacting millions everyday. In the midst of this din, there are those whispers and whimpers that one seldom hears in mainstream discourse. 

“Lockdown voices” is a non-commercial, voluntary initiative to share such diverse and untold experiences. We intend to cover the various aspects in the lockdown scenario that remain untouched by the mass media. Our aim is to bring experiences and challenges that are paving way for individual (and at times organisational) reconciliation and transformation. Our stories go beyond the unique circumstances as they celebrate the spirit of overcoming them.

We are grateful to all contributors for sharing their stories. They have given life to this platform.

We look forward to stories that follow the theme of this initiative. Please reach out to us through the Contact section.

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