Milestones on the go

I also realised that the geographical limitations existed in our minds only. Now, we were accessible to people far and wide... [Click title or image for full story]

Tinted glasses

It took the ‘pause’ of the pandemic for us to see our young educators and interns express and practice the very love and inclusion we yearn to see in our world. [Click title or image for full story]

Joys to share

Pandemic has made us all to look at life differently. It has taught us to accept change and innovate. It has made us more humane. [Click title or image for full story]

A world in triangles

Everything in life has various dimensions. Sometimes you also have to learn to see it from the other side, to let go off your own opinion, without drawing immediate conclusions. [Click title or image for full story]

A clarion call

Society needs desperately to change. Society should be open to listen to different kind of voices... [Click title or image for full story]

In togetherness

It seems to be like the old times at the Centre. We meet, interact with each other and cheer the performers. [Click image or title for full story]

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