Tinted glasses

It took the ‘pause’ of the pandemic for us to see our young educators and interns express and practice the very love and inclusion we yearn to see in our world. [Click title or image for full story]

Inner growth

I feel that the Coronavirus has come to raise our consciousness, to improve our immunity by following good habits and exercise, balanced food and spiritual way of living. [Click title or image for full story]

Five hundred miles away from home

Arjun and his colleagues pooled in Rs. 1000 each and travelled to Ujjain in the middle of the night. They hid under the seats during this journey to avoid any obstruction or violence. [Click title or image for full story]


"In society, people suppress their desires, they live on other's terms and conditions, conduct heinous crimes and are still respected. But what wrong have I done?" [Click title or image for full story]

Joys to share

Pandemic has made us all to look at life differently. It has taught us to accept change and innovate. It has made us more humane. [Click title or image for full story]

A world in triangles

Everything in life has various dimensions. Sometimes you also have to learn to see it from the other side, to let go off your own opinion, without drawing immediate conclusions. [Click title or image for full story]

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