Kaleidoscope – III

Welcome back to the online exhibition of art and innovative work created during the lockdown, by children and adults with special needs. This is the third and final part of this series.

Students of AIMS Media
Aditya Dabral (Delhi), Asmita (Calcutta), Deeksha (Delhi), Kabeer (Delhi), Neilaadri Sarckar (New Delhi), S. Sai Risha (Chennai), Sanjay (Chennai) and Shourya Rawat (New Delhi)

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AIMS Media is a Delhi based organisation designing and imparting technology based, futuristic education. During the pandemic, they came up with an innovative online short term course in comic strip making for special children. The experts in the organisation guided the children and honed their interest and creativity.

Nehal Tiwari

Acrylic paint on stone

With the lockdown, Nehal’s exam was called off just the day before it was scheduled to begin. This left Nehal confused and uncertain. We read in Finding happiness how she eventually finds her solace in her passion – stone painting. Nehal’s work can also be seen in her website (link).

Nishant Sriram

Poster colour on paper
Digital art

In the story Falling in place, Nishant surprised everyone including his mother with his ability to cope with the lockdown situation. He has managed to find time and space for his many interests, especially art.

Ujjwal Sharma

The artworks above have been generated purely through coding

In the midst of the lockdown, Ujjwal started learning front-end coding from HashHackCode Academy, Chennai. He has reached the second level. In the last image, Ujjwal uses the “hovering” technique, to change colour of a circle when the cursor moves on it. He wrote a very creative piece for us – BiggBoss13 and lockdown.

Cover image: Freeapplewallpapers.com
Exhibition images and videos: Contributors

Standard Disclaimer : The story contributors are responsible for all views and facts provided in their posts. Lockdown Voices and its editorial team is not accountable for the accuracy of the information posted.

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